Can my Belgian hello bank debit card receive pounds from the UK?

  • 23 August 2022
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I have a deposit refund from the UK, but the money is in pounds sterling, I want them to transfer the money to my hello bank card. But I am not sure if my debit card can receive pounds sterling. Do you have any ideas?  


Beste antwoord van Shari V 23 August 2022, 12:07

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Hello @UGE 

It is possible for you to open an account in Pounds sterling. You’ll need to contact us on the number 02 762 60 00 but then you’ll need the Easy Banking Phone-code to secure the line. I can recommended you to call via the application:

> Log on;

> ‘Communication’ icon(previous last);

> ‘My Easy Banking center’;

> Choose ‘ accounts and cards’.

But you can also choose to put in your euro account but then you’ll have to pay the exchange costs.