Hello Bank account does not work properly

  • 22 July 2022
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I opened a Hello Bank Account. I already login trough my phone app and in the website. The problem is that I tried to transfer money to the account  and the transaction failed. Also, if I request a transfer using the app (pressing the bottom receive), the follow messenger came up "No usable debit card”.

What can I do for mixing this problem?


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Hello @YanielGL 

From the information that you gave here I think your account is not activated yet. Did you sign in and signed the contract to activate the account?

You also need to activate the card in the store or at a ATM of ours before you can start with banking through the application or website.

Thanks for you replay. Yes, I signing into the web and used my card reader. So, in order to be enable of make a initial ATM or store operation, I have to transfers some money into my account, I tried and it was refused. When I login into the web page, also using my card reader, the system show me some contract, which was sent to me by email. 

Should I sign this contract and send back to the bank?


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Yes, in order to activate your account you will be asked to sign this contract.