New Bank Card but no pin

  • 16 May 2022
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I am an expat and recently moved to Belgium. I applied for an account online via the expat application form. I received my card today but with no pin. Going through all the communication I received from BNP, the pin was supposed to be sent with the card to the branch, but only the card arrived. The front desk consultant at the branch said she will request the pin and give me a call but I'm still waiting. I find this process extremely frustrating as I can use my bank card (which I neee to use urgently). I tried calling but it seems English speaking consultants are not available.  


I urgently need the pin so I can use my card. Is there a way I can get the pin or reset it? 


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Hello @Basmi71409,

Thank you for your message.

Due to safety reasons, the card and the pin are not sent at the same time. Which means if today you received the card, the pin can still be on its way.

If the front desk consultant has already requested a new pin for you then unfortunately the original pin will not work anymore and you will have to wait for the other pin. 

There is currently no other way to receive the pin. 

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Thank you for your response.  


Will it be possible to go into a branch and reset the pin? 



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Regrettably we can’t give you a new pin manually.

Through a branch or by phone we can order a new pin for you (which has already been done if I understand you correctly). It takes about 5 days for a new pin to arrive by post.

Once you’ve received this new pin, you can activate it and choose your own, personal code by using your card at an ATM of our bank.