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  • 29 September 2021
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Hi. I just opened my account and I was exploring the features of the Easy Banking App. I cannot access the Transfer and Receive options.


For the Transfer Options it displays error no. DBA0046 saying that there's a technical problem. While for the Receive option, it says that "Bancontact is not available" with error BCP 0503.

I hope you can address this inquiry. 


Beste antwoord van Shari V 30 September 2021, 14:15

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Hey Jessa Mae

There is no general issue with the Bancontact-function. Please call us on the number 02 261 11 11 to investigate this matter.

If you use the application I can recommend you to call via the ‘contact’ button. Then Choose the option ‘accounts and cards’.  In that way you’re calling via a secured line.